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About DeVolder Designs

Kyle & Naomi DeVolder

DeVolder Designs was founded in 2016 when a husband and a wife had a dream of working together.

We like to take long road trips to the mountains and deserts. The hours, while spending in the car, allowed us to look at the earth around us. We wanted to create a design company that would use both the skills we already had and also be inspired by the great elements southern California has. Inviting us to bring the outside in. 

In the spaces we create we use lots of natural woods, living plants, deep colors. We allow the space to inspire us, not the other way around. Each space is looked at as a piece of art. We use wood beams or paneled walls to transform the space  from a house to home. We use warm fabrics with cool tiles to establish balance. Looking outside of the windows within the space to use the same colors you see outside and make it part of your living space. 

We aren’t just designers, we are artists. 

Meet the DeVolder Designs Team


Naomi DeVolder

Designer & Decorator

Naomi is certified in interior decorating and has worked in design since 2016. She loves working with clients and watching them fall in love with their homes.


Kyle DeVolder

Contractor & Designer

Kyle is a contractor and wood craftsman. In school he studied Cabinet & Furniture Technology with an emphasis on Studio Furniture Design and Kitchen Design.  He enjoys to build furniture and create art pieces out of wood. He’s been creating, installing and designing since 2000.